Classes & training

Basic Fibreglass Training.

In this basic one day course, we teach you the basics of fibreglassing.


You'll receive first hand experience and coaching on how to fibreglass - perfect for an overview on how to fibreglass for roofing or model making.


Safety gear is all provided and with a maximum class of 6 participants and two trained mentors, you're guaranteed to get as much one to one time as you need.


By the end, you will know how and have had first hand experience in fibreglassing and a pdf or booklet with all of the information, including some of our personal tips and tricks.


All for the price of €220.




A one day sculpting course with our resident chief sculptor Richard Kennedy.


Having worked on countless projects, on set and for ourselves at Model and Prop, Richard has a wealth of experience and natural talent.


Again with a maximum of 6 participants in each class, you will receive plenty of one on one experience and all of his quick tips and the materials he would recommend.


With all the tools and materials supplied, all you need to do is bring yourself!


All for the price of €150.

Mould making.

This one day lesson will take you from casting something basic to making the mould.


Making moulds can be difficult without the know how, here you will get first hand experience from beginning to end.


Again, with a maximum participation of 6 people, you will get crucial one on one time, tips and tricks to make sure your moulds are perfect every time.


With everything supplied, all you have to bring is yourself.


All for €180 for the day.