Transfer Printing


Plot Printing is a form of customization which uses transfer films (Vinyl). The required design is cut out of the chosen coloured film using a high tech cutting machine which has laser precision and pinpoint accuracy. The design is then taken from the machine and heat pressed to the garment. The final result is a high durable, versatile design which will last longer than the clothing would!


What we CAN do with transfer printing

What we CAN’T do with transfer printing

With this process we can do a maximum or 5 colours layered. This is because of the type of application it takes, where the material cannot be pressed more than 5 times without it losing its wash-ability and softness. It works best for single colour logos or text. This method is great for orders up to 30 pieces, if an order is more than that then screen printing might be the way to go.

Using this process, there are a few limitations when its comes to the design or artwork being used. The main things that cannot be used are photographs, images with gradients, overly detailed artwork and artwork with over 5 colours involved. If you are unsure whether your artwork can be used, contact us anyway and we can always adjust it to work or make minor changes to suit the print method. As every print method goes, we will not accept requests to print copy written material or logos or anything you do not have the permission to use….but sure you knew that!

Contact us today and let us know what we can transfer print for you!